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Comstor helps you sell more Cisco solutions Westcon Group is a $3 billion+ revenues specialty distributor focused on the data center, networking, security and converged communications marketplace. We have operations in 38 countries spread across six continents servicing reseller customers in 70 countries. Westcon was founded 24 years ago and today our dedicated Cisco Comstor brand is one of the largest worldwide distributors of Cisco products having shipped more than $1.8 billion of Cisco equipment in our last fiscal year. Our global presence has led to innovative approaches to address the requirements of cross border distribution. Last year we executed over 20,000 cross border transactions in support of the maturing global nature of our Comstor business. Recently Westcon executed the industry first Global Distribution Agreement with Cisco. Our Comstor brand is the recognized leader in the value distribution of Cisco products. It is a “single vendor” distribution channel that operates in parallel to other Westcon branded offerings. The Comstor organization has a dedicated General Manager that is responsible for this independent business unit in each of our theaters. The responsibility extends beyond go-to-market and includes full P&L responsibility as well. This organizational and management structure allows for specific focused investment in the Cisco distribution channel without the challenge or dilution of other competing brands. We believe that the success of our Comstor business derives from this pure play approach and our collaboration with Cisco to address the market opportunities and the market challenges that exist in each of the countries we operate in. The transparency to these specific market conditions, compliance processes and the investment required to address them is a result of this focus, both in terms of organization as well as management responsibility.
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Comstor UK
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