IT Hardware & Software Ltd

When we started IT Hardware & Software Ltd (ITHS), we started from the position of what drives us mad about this industry and structured the company to avoid these hangups. The result is a slim, efficient and responsive company focused on delivering customer service. And by that we mean the delivery of our promises because we know, despite the best efforts of marketing companies, that delivering what we say we will deliver is the best customer service you can get! ITHS is a partnership between David Warner (formally of 'M-Tech Ltd') and Alan Glazer (Formally 'Gamma Global' and 'The New Desktop'). Between them they have oodles of experience of buying and selling HP, Cisco, IBM etc (for those who like numbers, an oodle is more than 20 and less than a google) and extensive contacts worldwide to make sure that ITHS can find the product you want and a price you need.
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IT Hardware & Software Ltd
Unit 29 Eton Business Park,Eton Hill Road,
M26 2ZS
Tel :- 0800 993 0800
Fax :- 0161 773 5414