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IT Xchange is your partner in protecting your Information Technology investment. IT Xchange offers many innovative products and services to organizations involved in the deployment, management and disposal of information technology. Systems manufacturers frequently operate on a 6-9 month product lifecycle. Minimizing the number of hardware standards for extended deployments can be challenging in this environment. When you consider the significant implementation and software costs associated with a technology deployment, any extension in the lifecycle of your install base can have a substantial, positive, bottom-line effect. At IT Xchange, we work globally with Tier 1 manufacturers, like IBM, to stock and source discontinued and constrained products. IT Xchange can assist you in maintaining your existing platform or standards when product is unavailable through normal or primary distribution channels. With computer hardware changing at such a rapid pace, many IT users find they do not require the latest technology to accomplish the task at hand. At IT Xchange, we can help you to structure a cost effective, appropriate technology solution. When you buy at the optimum point in the technology lifecycle you can substantially reduce your IT investment. This will allow you to purchase more systems that are better suited to the tasks you need them to perform, resulting in a better return on your IT investment Our availability of previous generation products and parts is a natural fit for organizations supporting older Server, Personal Computer, Printing and Networking Technology. Many organizations that perform self-maintenance turn to IT Xchange for replacement or upgrade parts. IT Xchange structures returns management, trade-in or upgrade programs that allow organizations to recover more value for surplus or obsolete IT assets. We have many structured programs available including our Partnership Program that substantially reduces your back-end costs at this phase of the Technology Lifecycle. Contact IT Xchange for details.
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IT Xchange
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