GammaGlobal Ltd

Gamma Global (UK) Ltd commenced trading in 1990 and quickly rose to become a major player in the international distribution of IT products. With over 20 years expertise, employing 60 industry professionals, with trading revenues in excess of €69 Million and a client base of over 1,500 across the globe - we offer you a truly stable and expert company; the best in our market. Our impressive performance is a result of continued focus on customer requirements, long-term relationships, our focus on quality and continuing investment in our infrastructure and people. Our strong international presence enables us to identify stock opportunities and monitor pricing differentials across the market to get the best possible product and the most competitive pricing for you. Working with us gives you that competitive edge of dealing with a Global expert We are your constant eyes on the world's IT channel developments, forecasting market changes, planning and purchasing stock to meet demands at prices that maximise your margins. We trade in over 50 countries, working with more than 600 qualified suppliers, demonstrating global expertise and a wide supply capability
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GammaGlobal Ltd
Precedent Drive
Milton Keynes
MK13 8HF
United Kingdom

Tel :- 01617 962 000
Fax :- 01617 967 768